Attacks on RSA


5 March 2018, 6:05 PM at CMC MSU, ŠŸ-18.




Alice encrypted the same message for her friends using the script. Given the public keys and encrypted messages, decrypt the message and get the flag. See

Common Sense

Eskin and Eskon went toĀ receive their salaries. But inĀ accounting all mixed up again. AsĀ aĀ result, Eskin received aĀ salary for Eskon, and Eskon forĀ Eskin.

People in Eskon & Eskin, Inc. really love security and they care much about it. Thatā€™s why all of their computers can be accessed only with SSH keys.

Unfortunately, they made a terrible mistake and generated all of their private keys on the old computer with poor entropy.

Weā€™ve managed to collect 1000 of their public keys. Your task is to gain access to the one of the computers in their network:

ssh -p 21337